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Sephardic Tradition And Recreation (S.T.A.R.) is a thriving Jewish youth organization serving the Sephardic Jewish Community in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area. S.T.A.R. Provides monthly events for 4 age groups, Tikvah (7-9 Years old), Aviv (10-12 Years old), Mitzvah (13-15 Years old), Haverim (16-18 Years old). All events are age appropriate with a high Participant to Supervisor ratio to assure the safety of all of our members. The goal of S.T.A.R. is to provide meaningful after school programs to Sephardic youth to enhance their awareness of these six principles: Community, Values, Tradition, Preservation, Israel & Pride


Your donation and support will help Jewish children get in touch with their traditions and Jewish values.


The Magen Leadership Program is a 3 week experience of friendship, discovery and awareness in Israel. With an emphasis on Sephardim, Judaism, its’ people, language, history, traditions, heroes, places and values will all be brought to life through meaningful excursions filled with a sense of adventure. MLP participants will enjoy the best that Israel has to offer, with full access to Israel’s most sought after attractions. They will stay in fine accommodations and be treated to Kosher Israeli food and guided luxury transportation throughout the trip. Rabbi Yitzchak Sakhai of S.T.A.R., in addition to adult chaperons and an armed security guard/Medic, will accompany MLP participants. MLP participants will fly from LAX with Israel’s official airline El Al (non stop) to and from Tel Aviv.

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  • Vayera-Nov. 15, 2019

    This Shabbat:

    Friday Candle Lighting: 4:32 pm
    Shabbat Ends: 5:29 pm


    Torah Message:

    Here Today

    “…For I have loved him (Avraham) because he commands his children and his household after him that they may keep the way of Hashem, doing charity and justice…” (18:19)

    Walking through Ohr Somayach last week, I had a couple of moments of reflection. There’s a major building project which, please G-d, will give us a beautiful new Beit Midrash and classrooms. The whole front of what used to be the staircase leading up to the Beit Midrash from Shimon HaTzadik Street is no longer there and in its place is a vast hole. The door that used to lead to that staircase is securely locked, but locked doors can be unlocked and so that door is also barred by two serious cross beams, but there’s still a small crack under the door that you can peak through and see a vast chasm of nothing where there used to be a place.

    That place exists now in the minds of those who remember it. I went to daven in the Conference Room. It’s been a long time since I was in there and as I walked in I looked at the long table and its two ends and remembered two Torah giants who used to sit there, at different times, at its two ends. At the end further from the window, Rav Dov Schwartzman, zatzal, used to give shiur.

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