What Makes A Great Advisor?

There are many factors that go into making a great youth advisor. Personal character, charm and dedication all play into the ability of a Madrich to make a difference for the youngest members of our community. For a young child or teenager, having a young adult to mentor and befriend them is of critical importance. The S.T.A.R. kids are fortunate to have a group of special advisers who regularly participate in events and make S.T.A.R. the warm and happy place that it is.

All of the ninety Madrichim who have participated in S.T.A.R. events are special and talented in their own way. Each has the ability to communicate with youngsters and to advise them on life’s many issues. Each has a sense of obligation to the next generation to insure that there is Jewish continuity. There is no financial benefit for the advisors as they are all non-paid volunteers who do their work out of love.

There are a few advisors who should be mentioned by name as they have gone far beyond the call of duty by attending almost every single event since S.T.A.R.’s inception. Natalie Nohorian, Ramtin Rafiee, Sarah Segurah, Mikhael Roussos, and Bobby Davidson have all made a considerable contribution to the growth and development of S.T.A.R.. They are truly the best of the best and deserving of our thanks.

If you or someone you know is between the age of 17-25 and is interested in becoming a S.T.A.R. youth adviser, please call Rabbi Benzaquen at 818-782-7359.

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