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S.T.A.R. Provides monthly events for 4 age groups, Tikvah (7-9 Years old), Aviv (10-12 Years old), Mitzvah (13-15 Years old), Haverim (16-18 Years old).  All events are age appropriate with a high Participant to Supervisor ratio to assure the safety of all of our members.

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  1. You will have a great time.
  2. You will meet fun loving people like yourself.
  3. It will help develop your leadership skills.
  4. You will eat great Sephardic food.
  5. You will see places and do things that will blow your mind.
  6. The Madrichim (Advisors) will inspire you to learn & grow.
  7. You will learn about your rich Sephardic heritage.
  8. Rabbi Sakhai will be your best friend
  9. You are helping to secure the future of the Jewish People
  10. Because you deserve it!


The Jewish people descend from the 12 tribes of Israel, which each had their own unique talents.  Still Israel is made up of all of the tribes as a unified people and land.  In order to reinforce this important value, upon enrolment in S.T.A.R. each member is assigned to a age specific bunk based on our unique “Jewish Tribe” System.  For instance any one born in the year 1998 will be in the tribe of Levi, while members born in 1999 will be in the tribe of Judah.  On trips members are divided by tribe so that they can be with their own peers and make new friends.

The mandrakes (flowers) in Reuben’s coat -of-arms are based on the story where young Reuben brought his mother Leah mandrakes from the field.

Simon was one of the strongest tribes during the wandering in the desert. The symbol is that of a gate representing the city of Shechem.

The Levites did the work in the Temple. Their symbol is the breastplate worn by the High Priest (Kohein Gadol).

The symbol is a lion. The lion is known as the “king of the jungle” and the Kingdom of Israel was the inheritance of this tribe.

The tribe’s emblem of sun and stars is to teach us that they knew many things-even astronomy. They were known as great Torah scholars.

Zevulun settled on the country’s seaboard as symbolized by their emblem-a ship.

Dan’s symbol is a scale representing justice. Dan was known as the tribe of great judges. The most famous was Samson.

The symbol of this tribe is a gazelle-a very quick animal. The people of Naftali were famous for being great runners.

The symbol for Gad is a tent. They were known as great warriors. The tent represents a military encampment.

The symbol for this tribe is an olive tree-a sign of wealth and great harvest.

Joseph was the principal tribe in central Israel as symbolized by the sheaf of grain on its emblem. Later this tribe was split in two. One was called Menasheh and the other Ephraim. These were the names of Joseph’s sons.

This tribe was warlike and very courageous as symbolized by the wolf on its coat-of-arms.