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Torah Message:

A Silver Lining

“…with a vile nation I shall anger them.” (32:21)

Rashi comments: These are the unbelievers (the vile nation). And similarly it says, “The vile one says in his heart, ‘There is no G-d’.”

The People of the Torah have suffered much through the millennia at the hands of those who deny G-d. But every cloud, as they say, has a silver lining.

“…I will scatter them; I will cause their memory to cease from man” (32:26)

Because of our sins, G-d wanted to decree complete destruction on the Jewish People. What held His Hand, so to speak, was that the unbelievers would not see this as Divine retribution but rather as result of their own strength and power.

Thus it was really a great kindness that G-d delivered us into the hands of unbelievers, for it was this that prevented the destruction of Yisrael.

  • Sources: Rabbi Simcha Zissel Zaleznik in Iturei Torah