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The Man Who Has It All

“…you shall only be above and not below…” (28:13)

Someone who lives his life pampered by a brace of Bentley Continentals, a super-yacht, and an executive jet with its own Jacuzzi, is not going to be overly excited when he takes delivery of his third Bentley.

But give him a paradise island in the South Pacific with golden beaches, thousands of gently swaying palms, and year-round gorgeous climate, and he’ll sense he really went up in the world.

On the other hand, someone who usually takes the bus to work will feel he really made it when takes delivery of his new Honda Accord.

It all depends on your expectations.

“…you shall only be above and not below”

The enormous spiritual and physical bounty that the Torah promises the Jewish People if we faithfully observe all its precepts will not be a merely incremental improvement, but it will be great enough to satisfy even the man who has it all.

  • Sources: based on the Bikurei Aviv in Mayana shel Torah