This Shabbat:

Friday Candle Lighting: 5:36 PM
 Shabbat Ends: 6:31 PM

Torah Message:

No Spare Tie

“…and the people gathered around Aharon and said to him, ‘Rise up, make for us gods that will go before us, for this man Moshe who brought us up from Egypt — we do not know what became of him.’” (32:1)

Let me give you, in my opinion, an essential “life-hack” — something that is going to save you a lot of time. It goes like this:

There are two kinds of lost objects: the kind that will eventually turn up, and the kind that is irretrievably lost. Whenever you lose something, don’t try to find it. That’s just a waste of time. Do the following. Think to yourself, “Do I absolutely need this thing right now? Is there a work-around? Do I absolutely need to wear my pink tie with the little green elephants on it? I know I was really looking forward to wearing it today, but maybe I could just get by, if I really need to, with the yellow one with pink poodles.”

Much, if not most, of the time we can substitute what we want with what we need. Looking for non-essentials is a complete waste of life. Because they will either turn up, one-way-or-another, or they are gone forever.

Life is about distinguishing the essence from the nonsense.

When Moshe failed to appear from Mount Sinai, the Children of Israel made a fatal mistake. They thought they could find a work-around. They thought they could replace their “lost object” — Moshe — with a golden calf.

Nothing could replace Moshe. “There never has risen again in Israel a prophet like Moshe…” (Devarim 24:10)

When it came to Moshe Rabbeinu —– there was no “spare tie.”